Portrait von Mathias Hediger

Personal data

Surname: Hediger
First name: Mathias
Mobile: +41 79 356 46 12
E-mail: mathiashediger@gmail.com
Date of birth: 5th January 1974
Nationality: Swiss

Military career

Military Mountain Guide – Mountain Rescue Training and Mountain Survival Training for the British Army and SAS


Professional education

Trauma Healing Practicioner Healing, Coaching
UNHRD/WFP Logistic Oficer
Schweizerisches Korps für Humanitäre Hilfe, DEZA Paramedic ALS, Dept. Chief Support
Flugrettung Certified Flight Paramedic
Helikopter- Erfahrung HEMS Crew-Member
Eurocopter EC-135 T2
Eurocopter AS 350 B3 / B2
Aerospatiale SA-315B Lama
Winde, MERS, Longline
Gebirgsmedizin Klassenlehrer, SGGM-Kurse
International Certificate for Mountain Emergency Medicine, ARC
Diploma for Mountain Medicine, SGGM
Rettungsausbildung Stationsmediziner Pilatus, Einsatzleiter Bergretter Alpine Rettung Schweiz (Zone 5)
Dipl. Rettungssanitäter HF (ACLS, AMLS, ITLS)
Rettungsschwimmer See + Fluss SLRG
Bergführerausbildung Int. Bergführer UIAGM
Int. Canyoning Guide UIAGM
Berufslehre Dipl. Möbelschreiner mit Fähigkeitsausweis
Schneesportlehrer Ausbildung Schneesportlehrer Stufe 3, Ski und Telemark
2011 Certified Flight Paramedic
2009 Int. Diploma for Mountain Emergency Medicine, Zermatt
2004 – 2007 Swiss Paramedic School and apprenticeship at Zürich Airport ambulance service
2000 Telemark Instructor Training and Qualification
1997 – 2000 Mountain Guide Training and Qualification (UIAGM)
1999 International Canyoning Guide Education and Qualification (UIAGM)
1994 – 1999 Ski school Andermatt including International Snow Sport Instructor (SIVS)
1990 – 1994 Apprenticeship as carpenter and cabinet maker
2 years at the Joinery W. Hediger, Entlebuch
2 years at the Joinery W. Murer, Weggis

Employment history

2017 ERA Emergency Response Albania, Technical mountain rescue training 
2017 Totalrenovation Home Ownership Historic Farmhouse, Dierikon

UNHRD/WFP Logistic Accessment, Earthquake Ecuador

since 2014 Start-up Mountain Medical Rescue
2014 - 2016 Flight paramedic for Alpine Air Ambulance, TCS helicopter
2013 Remote Site Paramedic, Rapid Response Medevac, Remote Medic Service International, RMSI Dubai
2011 – 2015 Div. International Mission for Swiss Rescue, (Pakistan, Georgia)  Rescue Sursee, Paramedic
2010 – 2011 Chief Medical Director Tour d' Afrique 2011, (Kairo – Capetown)
2008 – 2010 Helicopter Rescue, Air-Zermatt, Flight Paramedic
2008 – 2008 Rescue Sursee, Paramedic
2008 – 2008 Freelance Paramedic, Rescue Engadin, Mountain Guide
2007 – 2007 E-MED Rescue24 Namibia, Paramedic
2004 – 2007    3 years apprenticeship as Swiss Paramedic (Rescue Service Airport Zürich, Kloten)
2003 Crew member for various sailing regattas (classic boats)
2000 – 2004 Self employed mountain guide
2000 – 2002 Technical Leader for Stoked - The Ski School, Zermatt
1999 – 2000 Project Manager, Experience SA, Gstaad
1999 – 2001 Temporary work, Building Cable Cars and Skywork, Gebr. Tüfer Davos
1998 – 2000 Aspirant Mountain Guide for various mountain guiding schools
1994 – 1999 Carpenter and cabinet maker for Holzbau Zigerlig, Andermatt
1994 – 1999 Ski- Telemark Instructor, Andermatt
1994 Carpenter and cabinet maker for H.P. Imgrüth, Weggis


German Mother tongue
French Spoken and written
English Spoken and written
Swedish Spoken
Italian Basic knowledge


  • UNHRD/WFP Logisctic oficer
  • Certified Flight Paramedic Reg,-Nr: 002001
  • International Diploma for Mountain Emergency Medicine, ICAR-ISMM-UIAA
  • HEMS Crew- Member , Winchman, Longline Exp.up to 200m, Air Zermatt
  • Swiss Paramedic
  • Certified International Mountain Guide (UIAGM) –
  • Certificat in High- industrial Ropework
  • Sea and River Rescue Swimmer (SLRG)
  • International Cannoning Guide (UIAGM)
  • International Snow Sport Instructor Level III (SIVS), Ski and Telemark


Other interest and records

  • Member of Swiss Rescue, Paramedic and  Depute Chief Support, Swiss Government SDC, (INSARAG- UNOCHA)
    Rapid Response Team
  • Instructor Mountain Guide of Swiss Mountainmedicine
  • Instructor of Alpine Rescue Centre by Air-Zermatt
  • Member of Swiss Alpine Rescue Stationmedic and Chief of Operation (Zone 5, Central Switzerland)
  • Sailing in different countries (Switzerland, Sweden, Bahamas, New Zealand)
  • Life Saver qualification (Rescue Swimmer)